Olympus visionary photographer

Croatian-born Silvijo Selman is a self-taught photographer specializing in portraits, events, and landscapes.  His photographic journey began in 1997, and since then his works have been featured in several photo exhibitions in Croatia and Germany.  With a knack for capturing surreal moments, Silvijo takes an impressionist approach to photography, focusing on composition.

I started photography with my first camera, the OLYMPUS Camedia C-1 which I bought to take photographs of my family. I slowly began to discover that photography can be much more than just taking family pictures and that in in combination with a computer it offers many possibilities for creative expression. I live in a town with four rivers so I am constantly surrounded by beautiful compositions of water, mist and trees. These landscapes are the ones that brought me into the world of photography. Capturing the accuracy of landscapes and later on processing them, so they look surreal, became my obsession. My goal was to create my own style. I wanted to express the mood of the photograph by processing and giving it a certain story.

Later on I came in contact with concert, performance and band portrait photography. With this I have met a lot of new people, listened to great music and have seen a lot of interesting performances. The same as in landscape photography, my aim was to create my own recognizable style that is different from other photographers. I can say that I have achieved my goal and am proud of the result

Olympus gear:
E-M1 Body Black Black
E-M1 Body Silver Silver
E-M5 mark II Body Silver Silver
M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 75mm 1:1.8 Silver Silver
M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm 1:2.8 PRO
M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 25mm 1:1.2 PRO Black Black

Silvijo has a special style, you can point his picture in a multitude of other authors: comic strips, dirty, spiced, overwhelmingly, on the trail of Metropolis and Žeželj. And again, at any time Selman chooses, there is also a context. Not only do we look like heroes of the story, but you can also read that story if you pay attention to detail, composition, and ability. And I know it’s just my story, because he’s well aware of his talent and skill. As long as it is faithful to its aesthetics, it is always true in the foreground. He intuitively recognizes and interprets what I really am. It looks like you’re looking at me through the colored glass, the impression you get is without sagging.

– Milan Prša